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Image Natsumi's Firefly

Natsumi's Firefly

Release Date 2016-06-11
Runtime 108 minutes
Genres Drama
Stars Kasumi Arimura, Asuka Kudo, Ken Mitsuishi, Nijiro Murakami, Kaoru Kobayashi
Directors Ryuichi Hiroki, Shôen Kataoka, Akio Morisawa

Natsumi wants to become a photographer. She takes a bike which her late father left behind and goes to a forest to find a firefly she saw with her father. In the forest, Natsumi meets old mother Yasu and old son Jizo. They run a general store. Natsumi learns how to live in nature from them. She has happy summer days there. One day, Jizo tells her that he became estranged from his son in the past.